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Welcome to, a friendly community dedicated to fair and fun team play on Fifa 10 for the Xbox 360. We play both the fifa clubs section of the game and take part in onsite arranged competitions, where our registered clubs face each other in competetive tournaments, look out for 1v1 tournaments and other features as well.

We are now entering our 2nd year of Xbox live fifa team play, so needless to say, we know how to give a good game.

Once registered with us, you are welcome to join one of our registered clubs by checking out the recruitment section and/or our Club Hub where you'll be able to see which teams are recruiting, contact the managers directly and find a team that suits you. You are also welcome to setup your own club and use our recruitment section just like any other manager, although you will need to be in touch with the admin and other managers from the beginning if you wish to do this and we will give you all possible help. From time to time we will put teams together ourselves if there's enough players looking for a team in the free agent section and assign a manager too.

Here at you get out exactly what you put in, maintaing a good relationship with other players and managers and being active on the site and Xbox live will make sure you get the best out of the community.

We look forward to seeing you on the pitch.